People, orginizations, software, systems, and other resources involved in making dpLan the coziest LAN party in Denmark.


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Software, systems, and other technologies

Throughout the website we use material such as textual contents, styling (CSS), Javascript code, images, reusable HTML segments, etc., all of which has been created by third-party individuals, companies, and/or corporations.

Said material is licensed under "free-to-use" conditions, such as MIT, GNU General Public License, and public domain, and includes the items listed below:

For a complete list of the software utilized on this website, see the Software stack page.

Additional material

We use various third-party made images. Below is a series of backlinks to the creators and providers.


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For a full list of used icons, see our file.


Due to website performance optimization mechanics, suchs as minification, image compression and sprites, caching, and more, not all material have their corresponding license conditions and additional information attached in or with their respective files. Instead, such information can be found on this page or by following the links provided above.

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